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Round 3: Semi-Final

The format for this round is similar to the last. Each Kibbler will Kibble full and half-time scores for all 4 games of UEFA's quarter final. They will also nominate a scorer, and receive one point for each goal that they score in this round. Standard Kibble rules apply. Note that your predictions for half time and full time don't have to be consistent with each other. You could, for example, predict 2-1 at half time, and 0-0 as the overall score.

Each Kibbler will be playing against one other player, based on their second round group, as follows:

Winner A v Winner D
Winner B v Winner E
Winner C v Winner F

The winner of each pair will go through to the Kibble Cup Final, where all 3 finalists will be playing head-to-head.

As in the previous round, goal difference will decide the winner in the event of a tie. Goal difference is the difference between your prediction and the actual score. For example if you predicted 1-0 and your opponent predicted 3-1 for a game with a 2-1 result you would both have got one point for the actual game. However, your goal difference in this game would be 2 whilst theirs would be 1. This goal difference will be totalled for all games played in this round (full time and half time) to give the total goal difference.

If there is still a tie after goal difference has been considered then I will make an arbitrary new rule up.

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