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The Contenders

For the European Kibble Parliament, 2016


James Gillingham's face!
James Gillingham
The Bowel Movement
Rupert Waring's face!
Rupert Waring
Willfully Independent
Sharon Cribbin's face!
Sharon Cribbin
Sinn Pádd


Kris Dyer's face!
Kris Dyer
Le Front Bottome
Al Boley's face!
Al Boley
No Respect
Emma Williams's face!
Emma Williams
Plaid Trousers
Lisa Fash's face!
Lisa Fash
Democratic Onionists
Joe Fitz's face!
Joe Fitz
Obvious Whig
Tom Edwards's face!
Tom Edwards
The Communist Party of Middle England
Lorenzo Gordon's face!
Lorenzo Gordon
Partito Bunga Bunga
Jamie Armit's face!
Jamie Armit
Scottish Notional Party
Christian Sowton's face!
Christian Sowton
The Christian Party
Douglas Cole's face!
Douglas Cole
Free Radicals
Marie Bourgois's face!
Marie Bourgois
Le Partie Très Gauche
Little Jim's face!
Little Jim
Not In My Back Passage
Jo Myddelton's face!
Jo Myddelton
Socialite Shirkers Party
Lou Wood's face!
Lou Wood
Putting Me First
Mrs. Dad's face!
Mrs. Dad
Literal Democrats
Mark Clements's face!
Mark Clements
The Very Green Party
Dave Marks's face!
Dave Marks
Coalition of the Willy