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Round 4: Final

For the final you need to make the following set of predictions for both UEFA semi-finals and the final itself.

A note about injury time: If the first goal is scored in injury time, you will only score a point if your prediction is for the same half of the game. This means that if a goal occurs during the first minute of injury time in the first half, and you predicted 44 minutes, you will get a point for being within 5 minutes. If you predicted 46 minutes you won't get a point as the injury time does not carry through to second half predictions. However if the goal was scored in the 45th minute both predictions would get a point, as the goal was in standard time. You may not predict the occurence of a goal in injury time.

Deadlines: Predictions for both semis must be submitted by 20:00 on Wednesday 6th. Predictions for the final must be submitted before it kicks off.

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