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How To Predict

Full-Time Score

The most common type of prediction is the full time score. You need to predict what the score will be at the end of open play. This means that there will always be a chance of a draw. Normally this means you are predicting the score at 90mins + injury time. If the game goes into extra-time, then fixed-length extra time counts as open play, as the teams may still be drawn at the end of it, but extra time does not count if it is on a first-to-score basis (golden goal).

You will score 1 point if you get the right outcome (win/lose/draw) plus two points (totalling 3) if you get the score exactly right. Additionally, if you get the exact score and the total number of goals scored is 5 or more, then you get an extra 2 points, giving a maximum score of 5.

Half-Time Score

This is exactly the same as full-time score, except it is the score at the end of the first half (including first-half injury time). Note that your half-time score does not have to tally with your full-time score! For example it is perfectly fine to predict a half-time score of 3-2, and a final score of 0-0.

Extra Team

In the group stage, you get to pick an extra team to predict the scores for. This works the same as for any other game, except you get to pick which team you want to Kibble.


When asked to nominate a scorer, you need to select the team from the list and type the name of the scorer. This is marked by a human so don't worry if your spelling is off, so long as it is completely clear who you are referring to. If there is any doubt you will not get any points. Also, if you put the the correct name of a scorer but the wrong team, you will also not get any points. Only goals which count as part of the full-time score count. Own goals do not count.

The amount of points you receive varies, so check the details for the relevant round.

Time Of First Goal

In the final you will be predicting the time of the first goal. You will receive 1 point if the first goal of the match is within five minutes of your prediction, and a total of 3 points if it is exactly right. You are predicting the minute that the goal is scored in, so whole numbers only please! For the purposes of Kibble, all timings are taken from the official score sheet, regardless of the time displayed on my telly. Goals in extra-time or tie-breaker penalties do not count, although goals in normal injury time do.

Note that if the first goal is scored in injury time, you will only score a point if your prediction is for the same half of the game. This means that if a goal occurs during the first minute of injury time in the first half, and you predicted 44 minutes, you will get a point for being within 5 minutes. If you predicted 46 minutes you won't get a point as the injury time does not carry through to second half predictions. However if the goal was scored in the 45th minute both predictions would get a point, as the goal was in standard time. You may not predict the occurence of a goal in injury time.

Scorer Bonus

In the final, you will get 2 bonus points if your scorer scores the first goal. This is in addition to the point for that goal, and is independent from your time prediction. Again, goals in extra-time or tie-breaker penalties do not count, although goals in normal injury time do.


This is purely for tie-break purposes, and is only used in the group stage. You need to predict what you will score in the round. In the event of a tie the person who scored closest to their meta-Kibble (in either direction) will win. In other rounds, ties will be resolved by goal difference.

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